How Exercise Improves Our Bodies

We exercise to enable better movement in our daily activities and sports. This is how it works.

Our training exercises put a mechanical load (stress) on tissues or organs. Our bodies respond chemically to adapt to this physical stress. And the results are structural changes to tissues, muscles and ligaments that improve our strength and mobility.

This 3-part natural process can be enhanced or disrupted by the choices we make.

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Explosive Strength for Athletes

When coaches refer an athlete to me, their first request is often to work on “explosive strength”. In basketball, quick pivots and high jumps. In baseball, fast throws. In soccer, direction changes and long kicks. On the track, fast starts. Really in all cases, quick, powerful moves in fast-paced sports.

I’ve learned that when we train one system at a time, we decrease our movement skills. No muscle or system works in isolation. So we must be careful to train for the full body movements we want, not for strength in specific muscles.

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