The Magic of Movement

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magic of movement courseAn 8-hour training program with Charlene Sullivan

Discover how fascial moves can make an instant and lasting change for any movement problem. Like Tanya, a participant in our January course:

“4 hours of training and practice … instantly and easily improved my strength, at least half of my chronic pain and restrictions seem to have magically disappeared …”

Includes Course Notes & Exercise Booklet


How Exercise Improves Our Bodies

We exercise to enable better movement in our daily activities and sports. This is how it works.

Our training exercises put a mechanical load (stress) on tissues or organs. Our bodies respond chemically to adapt to this physical stress. And the results are structural changes to tissues, muscles and ligaments that improve our strength and mobility.

This 3-part natural process can be enhanced or disrupted by the choices we make.

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Making Good Movement Choices – 3 Principles

We are always moving.

In organized sports and exercise, we are developing our bodies and specific skills on purpose, often near the upper limits of our fitness levels.

In our everyday activities, we are walking, climbing, bending, twisting and lifting as we work in our homes and jobs, and interact with family, friends and pets. Even when we are standing still, our bodies are moving – balancing around our centre to keep us upright.

Following just three basic principles helps us to move easily and avoid injuries.

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To Recover – Skip the Ice

recovery childs poseI define “recovery” as body positions or moves that benefit the body’s internal systems. Artificial shortcuts don’t help.

A good recovery helps you prepare for better movement because movement and recovery are complementary. Quality movement improves recovery, and quality recovery improves movement.

Many people misunderstand the recovery part of the cycle and try to replace it with quick fixes that compromise the healthy body’s natural ability to circulate and self-regulate. Here’s my list of worst offenders.

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