The Problem with Hyper-Flexible Joints

Our common approach to exercise often causes pain for people with “laxed” joints. Their joints move out of natural alignment. This condition is also called hyper-mobile, gumby, hyper-flexible, or double-jointed.

Pain from this condition is largely ignored because hyper-flexible joints are admired and encouraged in some circles, like yoga, gymnastics and dance. Some people consider this to be part of “flexibility,” but it’s really the inability to activate the body’s tensional network. 

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Fascial Healing for People in Pain

When someone in pain comes to see me, their first question is, “what did I do wrong?” My answer is, “it doesn’t matter.”

Guilt, blame and shame are useless – these emotions don’t promote healing. They may cause the person to fixate on the recent or past incident that hurt their back. And then to under or overuse certain parts of their body. This is not helpful.

fascial healingI simply observe how the person moves and then show them alternatives that promote reintegrating the painful part into the whole. Initially we don’t even discuss any possible weaknesses or habits that may be contributing to their pain. They usually discover these as we work together.

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