Your Personal Method for Managing Your Weight

Personalize your plan

Our nutritional needs are unique to each of us and are constantly changing. So we must learn to understand our bodies’ cues. They tell us what our bodies want.

Many factors affect why we gain or lose weight. The reasons are different for each individual, and there can be several reasons for one person. Our self regulating bodies can fix them, but diet books can’t. Tuning in to our unique biology is the only way to get reliable information. 

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Metabolism is the body’s ability to process food and create energy in the form of ATP – the energy required to run every system within our bodies. It affects how our bodies feel and how they function, including our ability to maintain a healthy body weight.

Essential Nutrients

Not just any food will do. Our bodies need relatively large amounts of three macronutrients: fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

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