17 Ways to Bump Up Your NEAT Value

The more you move each day, the more fit you become. That’s the NEAT Way to Get Fit without going to the gym.

At home, at work and at play. More walking and more stairs. More lifting, twisting and bending. More hopping, skipping and jumping. More jiving and dancing.

You use more energy, the more you move. And these moves are toning your whole body and maintaining a healthy weight.

Scientist James Levine’s NEAT studies show that we can improve our daily energy use by 270 to 500 calories simply by moving a bit more throughout our day. Here are 17 ideas for how to bump up your NEAT value.

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The NEAT Way to Get Fit

What if being physically fit was a natural by-product of what you do everyday? This was, after all, how it was in the past – when physical work was a part of every life for most people. Formal exercise is a relatively new development.

Now that we sit more and move less, the focus has shifted to scripted exercise. So now many people, including fitness professionals, consider only workouts at the gym or organized sports to be “real exercise.”

It’s time to go back to basics. 

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Heart (and Circulation) Healthy Movement

heart healthy movementMost of see our hearts as muscular pumps that need to be challenged to stay in top condition. But this is not the whole story.

Our hearts are part of our cardiovascular system that extends throughout our bodies – arteries carrying oxygenated blood, veins carrying waste carbon dioxide (CO2) and a vast network of tiny capillaries.

The best way to look after this whole system is through full body movement.

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Tune Up the Fascia

Fascia performs many vital functions – connecting our biotensegrity structure, transferring force to enable movement, joining our systems, supporting our major organs and carrying nutrition and waste to and from our cells.

Recognizing the importance of fascia and including it in your exercise plans pays big dividends. Exercise your fascia and improve your movement. Use that improvement and keep exercising your fascia. Now the benefits are compounding. It’s a great investment in your long term mobility and health.

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