Stronger Tendons, Stronger Body

Yes, it’s true – stronger tendons make a stronger body. Tendons, and their helpful cousins retinaculae, are specialized fascia that reinforce the body’s biotensegrity structure in areas where a lot of movement occurs. They can make or break the quality of our movement choices.

According to traditional anatomy and fitness culture, strength is increasing the size of a few big muscles that we can see in the mirror.  But bigger is not better.

Doing isolated exercises, like bicep curls, causes the belly or center of the muscle to get bigger. But the tendons at the ends of the muscles are not involved. 

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Fascia – the Secret to Strength & Vitality

Our fascia is everywhere in our bodies and yet unknown by most people – unlike muscles, bones and joints. This multi-tasking tissue is essential for movement and essential for health. It’s full of specialized components that enable, integrate, communicate and protect. Really it’s the ultimate orchestrator of life in our bodies.

And yet, fascial anatomy has not made its way into the practice of most health and exercise professionals – likely because we’ve institutionalized 50 year old protocols. It’s been a mystery too long.

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