Fascial Healing for People in Pain

When someone in pain comes to see me, their first question is, “what did I do wrong?” My answer is, “it doesn’t matter.”

Guilt, blame and shame are useless – these emotions don’t promote healing. They may cause the person to fixate on the recent or past incident that hurt their back. And then to under or overuse certain parts of their body. This is not helpful.

fascial healingI simply observe how the person moves and then show them alternatives that promote reintegrating the painful part into the whole. Initially we don’t even discuss any possible weaknesses or habits that may be contributing to their pain. They usually discover these as we work together.

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Core Exercises Are Hurting Your Back

Stiffening my abdominals is not my favourite. But I’ve been told to strengthen my “core” to protect my touchy back.

Many health and exercise professionals recommend strengthening your core to help your back. They consider the core to be the power centre of the body.

But, if you have persistent back pain, you wince and stiffen at the thought of bending. Rehab and fitness exercises that teach you to stiffen even more certainly don’t help.

Here’s the easy solution.

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