Maintaining Your Ideal Weight – A Summary

Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve an ideal weight that we can maintain for life.

Diets don’t work in the long run and can be harmful to metabolic health.

Many people are undernourished, whether they are under-eating or over-eating.

  • Eating processed, fake food, rather than real food
  • Taking supplements and health drinks, trying to fill in the gaps

The Solution

Real food and full body movement are essential to long term health.

Our bodies (and minds) respond well to a series of small changes in our daily eating and movement habits.

  • New research supports this approach

You can develop a one-step-at-a-time approach to achieve your goals.

How to Change Your Habits

Getting Your 2 Minds on the Same Page

You know the two minds I’m talking about. There’s first one that says, “I want to do it.” And the second one that says, “You tried this before, it didn’t work. It’s scary. It’s pointless …”

Each of us in our one brain has a split personality – one that’s eager to get on with what’s good for us or fun, and the other that holds us back. Neither is going away any time soon so we need to be clever and get them on the same page.

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Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

Dieting Goes Against Our Natural Instincts

dieting doesn't workOur bodies are ruled by prehistoric instincts.  Our hunter-gatherer ancestors weren’t concerned about eating too much because they had to forage or hunt for every morsel.

So it’s hard to resist ice cream because we’re hardwired to eat high calorie foods and store body fat for our survival.  And “hardwired” means that we’re rewarded by the release of happy hormones. 

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Your Personal Method for Managing Your Weight

Personalize your plan

Our nutritional needs are unique to each of us and are constantly changing. So we must learn to understand our bodies’ cues. They tell us what our bodies want.

Many factors affect why we gain or lose weight. The reasons are different for each individual, and there can be several reasons for one person. Our self regulating bodies can fix them, but diet books can’t. Tuning in to our unique biology is the only way to get reliable information. 

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