Our Tension-Based Body Structure

Old gross anatomy and classical mechanics can’t explain the dynamics of biological structures. The new anatomy of movement “biotensegrity” is a tension-based structure that explains the role of fascia and captures the diversity and strength of the body’s movement.

Simply put: our body structure is designed of “sticks” (bones that do not touch) and strings (fascia that connect to everything). Bones don’t move, fascia moves bones. There is a pre-stress to the entire system which locks in the forces and distributes them through the whole body.

How do we shift over to the new biotensegrity model?

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Fascia – the Secret to Strength & Vitality

Our fascia is everywhere in our bodies and yet unknown by most people – unlike muscles, bones and joints. This multi-tasking tissue is essential for movement and essential for health. It’s full of specialized components that enable, integrate, communicate and protect. Really it’s the ultimate orchestrator of life in our bodies.

And yet, fascial anatomy has not made its way into the practice of most health and exercise professionals – likely because we’ve institutionalized 50 year old protocols. It’s been a mystery too long.

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Feet First

Our Moving Foundation

Our feet connect to the ground and enable upright movement. They act and react to different surfaces and inclines, and dissipate impact throughout the body. They’re a biomechanical wonder.

Feet, of course, are not acting alone, but they are often acting first. They have many functions. 

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