Bridging the Science and Exercise Worlds

Our purpose is to promote vitality and ease of movement by sharing Charlene’s knowledge about facial movement.

Over the past 30 years Charlene has become a fascial movement expert. She immerses herself in old and new scientific work and develops movements that tap into the body’s natural capacity for improving and healing.

These are full-body movements that engage the body’s tension-based structure and fascial system. The key is integration. This is in sharp contrast to the methods popular with most fitness and health professionals that isolate and fix individual body parts.

Charlene helps people of all ages and fitness levels explore these movements in her classes and rehab work. Fascial moves improve the strength and fluidity of movement as well as relieve chronic pain and promote healing. As Charlene says,

After any injury or pain, there is always movement restriction. The answer is not to dwell on this restriction. Over-analyzing the why keeps clients attached to their injury. I prefer to show new movement options that automatically replace the old habits for life.