A Note from Charlene about Eggs

I have been reading about eggs, farming practices and government regulations in other parts of the world.

Did you know that traditional North American eggs would be illegal anywhere in the EU? And that EU eggs would be illegal in Canada?

When a hen lays her eggs, she secretes a protective coating called a “bloom.” This bloom protects the eggs from bacteria, etc. The layer also stops moisture from escaping from eggs thus preserving its freshness. The eggs are also not refrigerated because coldness allows moisture to accumulate.

In the EU, eggs go to market unwashed and unrefrigerated. This encourages farmers to practice ethical farming practices.

In North America, on the other hand, we wash eggs as soon as possible with warm water and soap (twice). And then we spray them, irradiate them, grade them, and then spray them again with mineral oil to make them look shiny. We also refrigerate eggs and lose moisture.

So here in Canada and the U.S. we interfere with the eggs’ natural protection by using an aggressive cleansing procedure. Looks like marketing and regulation are taking priority over Mother Nature.

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