Make Friends with Your Body

Most of us take our bodies for granted. We breathe, eat, sit, stand, run and walk without thinking about how our bodies work. But understanding your body can make a big difference to your health.

Be strong, and flexible

Move easily, without pain

Be fit, without going to the gym

Lose weight, without dieting

Because you are a natural mover whatever your age or current fitness level. With a personal energy balance that can help you achieve your ideal weight.

The solution is simple. Respect your bodies’ brilliant physiology – your integrated body structure and self-regulating systems – by making good choices.

Full body movement, not isolated exercises or fixes

Whole foods, not fake food or supplements

The tough part is standing firm against the on-slot of advice and advertising that tries to sway you from this course.

Become your own authority

We can help. Charlene Sullivan is a researcher and doer. Charlene helps people with pain and injuries – feet, knees, hips, back, elbows, shoulders – including professional athletes. She trains students from age 6 to 80 in fascial movement.

She also advises and supports people who are working to achieve their ideal weight. And helps those with serious health problems. All while she studies fundamental science, both old and new, that she applies to her work.

Here on our site, Charlene shares her experience and knowledge with you.